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Having superior web hosting available in today's marketing environment can make the difference between getting guaranteed website traffic or little or no traffic. These dire predictions may seem far-fetched to the casual observer, but many online professionals are realizing the importance of using a reliable and trustworthy web host. Finding a web hosting company is certainly easy and is usually accomplished by searching the internet, scanning industry related magazines and getting testimonials from happy customers. Finding the most suitable hosting service for a website owner is a challenge, but the search doesn't have to be in vain. In fact, there are several benchmarks that an online business owner can check when trying to choose a hosting service.

First of all, online marketers should seriously consider a web hosting company that has a solid reputation in the industry. By browsing technical forums and chatting with other marketers, you will get a wide range of hosting companies that meet your strict criteria. At this point, it should be easy to find the hosting service that offers a reasonable level of reliability and a strong ability to increase website traffic.

Some recommendations can lead you to hosting companies that offer a very cheap service. A few years ago, David bought such a year-long hosting plan for his educational site and had a less than great experience. The offer was too good to pass up. The low price of web hosting seemed like the right thing to do. After a short time, breakdowns became the norm and there was considerable downtime.  “I started losing customers at an alarming rate. I switched hosts in and my service has improved significantly, and it was well worth spending the extra money. I had to aggressively buy targeted traffic to replace the customers I'd lost to the cheaper service. It was a hard lesson to learn.” It's worth noting that many hosting companies with solid credentials have affordable plans tailored to a specific need, but the David's experience is truly a lesson in "buyer caution".

A good web hosting company can increase the chances of guaranteed website traffic, but the online business owner must invest sufficient time to find such a service. Low-cost services can bring a nice windfall or be a time-consuming drain on resources. Choosing a web hosting plan that fits your website goals should fit your budget and offer great service.

How Web Hosting Affects Website Traffic

Tips for choosing the right web host for your business


Nothing is more frustrating on the internet than clicking on a link and the landing page doesn't open. This problem not only annoys the user, but also Google itself, which starts to lose value in the organic search results for that address. So make sure  the website hosting service you hire offers the best uptime quality. This factor, also called uptime, can be measured with a number. The closer to 100%, the better the service availability is guaranteed. When choosing your website hosting provider, be mindful and prioritize options that offer uptime over 99%. 

Available   storage

Depending on the purpose of your website, you may need a large or small amount of disk space for the files you add. Whatever your case, it is always recommended that you hire the service that best suits your needs. If you need a lot of disk space, make sure the web hosting company offers you the amount you need, so you don't run out of disk memory. Or, if you don't need much, opt for cheaper plans and save money you'd pay for unnecessary space. However, if your service has unlimited storage, you can relax with that factor and move on to the next tip. 

 Monthly Traffic

You may not know it, but some website hosting services have a monthly traffic limit. In practice, this means that after a certain number of hits, the server will charge an additional fee for "extra visitors" or stop displaying your website in the web. Therefore, always pay attention to what the companies claim, and be sure to use those with unlimited traffic to avoid risking your website crashing. 

Load Speed

If you already know a little bit about SEO, know that Google always prioritizes the pages that load the fastest, always aiming to offer the best experience to its users. So make sure the web hosting service you hire offers a good loading speed. Remember that in theory, it may seem like a negligible difference, but in practice, it is the difference between a user continuing to actively consume your content or getting annoyed by the delay and leaving your page. 

Data Security

Trusting someone to host your website and content is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to ensure that the chosen provider is able to fully protect its customers by offering a system of data redundancy and constant backups. In this way, even in the event of natural or unforeseen problems, your website will always remain online and fully functional. 

Customer  Service

A website hosting service must not only provide all the essentials for your site to succeed, but also be efficient in helping you. Customer support is a key factor for many users, and having the provider available to help you can mean the difference between a crisis resolved quickly or a website that was offline for several hours. Check how support works for the service you want to hire, and see what channels the company offers  you to contact and ask for help. 

Payment Methods

Price shouldn't guide your choice when choosing the ideal service, but it can also help make the decision easier. Being cheaper is no guarantee that a service is bad, just as being more expensive is no guarantee of high quality provider. Understand exactly what type of need you have and find a plan that balances your needs with your wallet. Keep in mind that many website hosting services also offer discounts depending on the rental period chosen, the lower the final price you pay. 

Choose your best hosting provider for wordpress

Content  Management System

Look for a service that offers its own intuitive content management system or an easy-to-install open-source system like WordPress. These platforms will be part of your daily routine when interacting with your website. So keep that in mind, especially if you intend to create content frequently. 

Take a Free  Trial

Many website hosting services offer free usage periods, so you can get to know the provider and see if  they have what you need. This period is important so that you know whether a particular service is worth hiring and to identify possible obstacles that you hadn't thought of before implementing your idea. Then, if the provider doesn't live up to your expectations, you can leave for free. If yes, great! You've found the perfect hosting. 

Discover Additional Benefits

As this is an extremely competitive market, it's worth remembering that many companies offer a website hosting service. To set themselves apart, they usually offer a few extra perks to stay ahead of the competition. So stay alert! Find out everything you're entitled to in each plan and identify unique benefits that may be right for your needs. 


By keeping these 10 tips in mind, you will surely have a lot more confidence when choosing the best web hosting. That said, it's always worth remembering the most important fact: there are several different website. hosting services, and you need to know exactly what your needs are in order to hire the type of plan that best suits your profile. The good news is that even today, providers are becoming more aware of this, which is why they already offer packages aimed at different segments. Still, do your research well, remember all the factors we brought into this post and get started.

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