19 May

Design and Marketing:

If you're concerned about building a brand when selling digital products, you've come to the right place at Payhip. You can upload a cover photo for your products and create a nice and simple environment for your customers whenever they want to buy a new product. Payhip's support team is available to help you implement any plugin or integration you need, like links to Mailchimp for email marketing, Sellfy for dropshipping, etc. The clean environment is great for both business owners Easy to navigate and for customers, and everything looks so believable that your customers probably won't believe you're running a scam.

 For marketing purposes, Payhip also helps you to promote your products and thereby generate the most sales. Again, it's worth noting that this environment was designed for beginners, so it's not the most advanced marketing environment. However, you can easily integrate social channels to connect with your customers on a broader scale.

Another big advantage is the affiliate program. Payhip makes it extremely easy for users to sign up for an affiliate program that allows customers to make money by referring a friend. The affiliate program can really help bring more people into your shopping cart. If you decide to run your own affiliate campaign, you can manage most of the program from your marketing dashboard.

Another point to consider when selling and marketing with Payhip is how many ways there are to sell online. In addition to connecting your social media channels for marketing purposes, Payhip also allows you to easily set up a checkout page within your social media platforms.

There is an option to set up a full funnel that takes your customers step-by-step through an environment where a product checkout page awaits at the end. If you need help convincing someone to buy, there's also a handy set of social discounts you can use to offer discounts to people who share your posts and are engaged with your business.

Sell digital products or memberships directly to your fans and followers

File Management and Analytics:

After you've added the products you want to sell to your Payhip account and set important details like your pricing structure on the product page, you need to manage your files. This is not like selling eBooks online, where you have to ship the product separately or sell physical products on Gumroad. Payhip makes it easy to get items delivered to customers instantly.

Everything is simple and intuitive, with the option to connect products to each other with a connection. With a simple click it is possible to exchange files and delete them so that they are not active for a download. You can also edit file descriptions and details with an intuitive backend that's easy to navigate. What's more, you even get insights to help you boost your business performance. The analytics environment is one of the most powerful parts of Payhip. It is extremely useful to be able to fully assess the behavior of your visitors and their geographical origin. You can even identify referral sources and traffic origins, then monitor all  data by year, month or day. Keeping track of valuable information is extremely simple and straightforward. We also appreciate how the service protects you from issues like illegal distribution and copyright infringement when uploading your content to the web. You can seal any digital product you  sell to your customers with a relevant customer email address appended to the watermark to ensure they don't want to distribute the files worldwide. Other types of products are protected by systems that limit the number of downloads a user can make to. There is an expiration service, which means  your customer cannot download the same product over and over again.

You can even get help from Payhip to manage your entire software licensing environment. Support agents can generate and store relevant software keys for you. Then, when someone buys your solution, you can use the easy-to-use system to give them access to a key. 

Sell digital products or memberships directly to your fans and followers

Ease of use:

Payhip is often particularly attractive to many customers because it is wonderfully easy to use. If this is your first time selling digital products, and you're not sure, Payhip should make you feel right at home. Signing up is quick and easy, and you can choose your payment option between Stripe or PayPal. Once you have completed the registration, you can start uploading the products you want to sell. The user interface guides you step by step through adding and describing your digital products. You can add the price you want to sell at, as well as add categories, images, titles, and descriptions. Everything feels uncluttered and intuitive, so if you're a beginner you don't have to run around for help, you can just dive right in. Another benefit of using Payhip.com with your online store is how easy it is for customers to purchase and receive their digital items as quickly as possible. The checkout process is optimized for the customer experience, so everything can be managed with a few clicks. You can also process transactions on both desktop and mobile devices. Payhip also allows users to customize the checkout area, which you don't get with any e-commerce platform or Amazon Marketplace. This can be useful if you are looking for the feature to redirect users from a social media site or your store to another platform like WordPress. Perfect customization options make it much easier to drive conversions. Payhip also allows you to accept credit cards and gift cards for digital files anywhere in the world. You can use any currency  on your own website and offer a variety of payment options on your checkout page, including PayPal and Stripe. You also don't have to worry about complicated data or privacy issues. Finally, from a payments’ perspective, you can ask your users to set up a Payhip account and sign up for a service that supports recurring payments for all membership plans. You can offer product privacy based on whether your user wants to buy in increments, pay per subscription, and more, which is great if you want to sell not just ebooks but courses as well.

Sell digital products or memberships directly to your fans and followers

Course Features:

Payhip has everything you need to bring your course to life.

  • Create a beautiful course page.            
  • Add lessons like videos, text, quizzes, downloads, polls, assignments, and      embeds to your course.      
  • Track student progress.            
  • Includes video hosting or use your own      
  • Stream your course to your students at any time you want.            
  • Video analysis

                      and many more functions!

As usual, you have a nice and high converting checkout flow to sell your courses.

Of course, there are no additional costs for using the new product type, the prices have not changed. You can add lessons like text, quizzes, downloads, polls, assignments, and embeds on the free plan. However, if you choose to host your videos with us, we would have to pass these costs on to you. Video lessons are a simply fixed price of $9 per month. Please note that if you create an embedded lesson and embed your videos from YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia etc, you don't have to pay us a penny.

Payhip is here to help you grow your sales and build an all-in-one platform to help you do just that.

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