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What’s our core value?

Deel makes onboarding employees and contractors in 150 countries painless. From payroll to compliance, you don’t have to worry about local laws, complex tax systems, or global payroll. We handle it all.

Market Leading International Payroll System

What essential services do we offer?

Full Global Compliance:

Use templates from Deel’s global network of legal partners to ensure your contractor agreement’s fully compliant with local labor and tax laws. Each contract gets vetted quarterly.

Compliance Document Collection:

Automatically collect the required forms and information to verify contractors in each country to ensure they’re compliant.

One Click Payments:

Quickly pay your entire team of contractors with a single ACH using your bank account, giving them the flexibility to withdraw in over 120+ currencies.

120+ Currencies Supported:

Contractors have access to 7 different payment options ranging from local payment networks (to avoid wire transfer fees) to cryptocurrency. Also, Deel Card allows workers to avoid foreign transaction fees altogether by loading funds directly onto a Visa card.

Automated Invoicing:

Streamline your invoicing process. You’ll save time and gain visibility into your contractor payments.

Market Leading International Payroll System

What do clients get out of using Deel?

Lowered Legal Costs: By tapping into Deel's global legal network, companies get access to globally compliant contracts, tools to verify the contractor's work documentation, and the ability to generate any necessary tax forms. There's no longer a need to work with a local legal partner.

Reduced Transaction Costs: Deel allows companies to pay contractors with a single ACH quickly. You can make payment adjustments to contractor's earnings in a few clicks, and all your invoices can flow directly into a QuickBooks or Xero account. That means no international wire transfer fees for you.

Decreased Administrative Overhead: Deel streamlines everything by automating invoicing, reimbursement, benefits, perks, and more. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual updates.

Everyone s Happy and Secure: Whether a full time employee or an independent contractor, Deel offers the same experience to unlock benefits + perks to keep your team smiling.

Market Leading International Payroll System

Compliance at Your Fingertips:

Localized Contracts: Mean low misclassification risk, which is better (and safer) for business

Document Collection: We collect identification, do background checks, and help get your team set up the right way

Benefits & Perks: Keep your team happy, healthy, and doing their best work with extras worth getting excited about.  

Market Leading International Payroll System

Powerful Payments Anywhere:

Secure Payment Infrastructure: Payments are quick, easy, and always on time.

One Click Payments: Say goodbye to the manual wire transfer

Competitive Rates, Reliable Payments: Low transaction fees & a fast payment rail means your money moves fast & securely.

Extra Savings: Save money on currency exchange rates, transaction fees and legal bills.

Market Leading International Payroll System

Deel's firmly committed to providing clients and users with the highest security and privacy assurances. We remain dedicated to being GDPR compliant, along with all relevant privacy laws.

GDPR Compliant + Secure Data guaranteed with top-notch customer support.

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