12 Oct

The company culture is very important for the success of a business, especially for small businesses. A well-rounded and happy team is essential for the growth of the company.

If a team feels like their company is indifferent to their wellbeing or that the company is disorganized, they will be less likely to go above and beyond. Creating procedures and policies that make your employees feel safe and heard is the key to a successful and thriving culture. A culture filled with employees that are motivated to do their best and care about the company.

It’s Time for a Dedicated HR Manager

A simple way to make your small business more efficient is by adding a dedicated HR manager.

Unfortunately, many small businesses can't afford to have a dedicated HR department or even just an experienced HR manager. Thankfully, with companies like Bambee, more and more small businesses are able to streamline their HR efforts and build the culture they want—and need.

Bambee's HR autopilot is the first outsourced human resource compliance solution for small businesses. It keeps over 10,000 American businesses HR compliant all year long, with up-to-date HR policies, mandatory training, and regular, two-way feedback between you and your employees. Plus, your HR manager will be a certified Bambee HR professional, experienced with companies of your size, and trained in compliance and customer service. 

Bambee will provide you with your own dedicated HR manager who will offer expert guidance and help you create HR policies that are compliant with the law.

It’s Time for a Dedicated HR Manager

Employee   Relations & HR Problem Solving
The most sensitive issues require rich dialog.  Your HR Manager engages with you to create the right outcomes for your business.

Craft HR Policy, Procedures & Shape Company Culture
Your HR Manager builds policies specific to your businesses based on labor regulations and your unique company culture for better alignment. 

Onboarding,  Terminations & Navigating Labor Regulations
Lean on Bambee for onboarding, terminations, and corrective actions, and get clarity on all your regulatory questions.

Employer  Coaching & Guidance
Your HR Manager gets to know you on a first-name basis and gives you full remote HR support plus coaching where you need it. 

As an added bonus, Bambee offers flat pricing to offer the best plan that works for you. That means that all customized HR work is included with your fixed, monthly cost. Any additional services you desire will have a clear and upfront price. There are never any hidden fees and also no contracts. If you feel your business and culture could use some help, head over to Bambee to view their plans. It just might be time to get your business to thrive on the most powerful HR platform for small businesses.

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