12 Sep

Cheat Layer is a custom machine learning-powered automation platform.

Cheat Layer lets unlimited data and tasks, as the first and only automation service to let unlimited webhooks directly to your browser. Zapier, Easyflow, and others have more innate integrations now accurately, but Cheat Layer users have got the customized integrations they required during our business hours to get a personal unlimited Zapier built for them.

Cheat Layer discloses a GPT-3 powered scripting layer on all websites to automate business tasks and save hundreds of hours per month. Automate anything possible in the browser using a combination of our No-Code interface, GPT-3 code generation, action recorder, and marketplace. You can also turn any automation into a Chrome Extension you can re-sell to unlimited clients!

Cheat Layer Desktop now allows users to create unlimited Stable Diffusion images for free in automation. This is a model like Dalle and can create anything you want. You could for example automate creating or a/b testing the product images for an e-commerce store.

With Cheat Layer, we can

  • Automate All Websites
  • Eliminate Mundane Business Tasks
  • Save Hundreds of Hours per Month

Cheat Layer - The Surprising Secret to Creating a Automate Workflow

Potential Customers:

  • Entrepreneur      
  • Small Businesses      
  • Marketing Agencies 

Why Cheat Layer?

  1.  Send and Receive unlimited data without consuming tasks. We're the only service with unlimited webhooks directly to your browser, so you can build an unlimited personal Zapier.  You can also bring the bespoke integrations you need to office hours to get them built for you, so you can get a personal unlimited Zapier built for you.
  2. We were the first to get approved for code generation with GPT-3 from openAI(the only other at the time was Microsoft with Github). Our      vision is to make generating all complex automation as easy as possible using language models. Project Atlas, our upcoming Codex-powered product, enables generating automation for millions of websites instantly from simple phrases.      
  3. Cheat Layer Desktop uses computer vision-based and machine learning-based targeting. Project Atlas even allows users to train their machine      learning models, by just labeling images all no-code, to target elements that fail in other tools due to updating websites.      
  4. Tools that rely on code selectors for targeting can fail often when websites update. Users can train unlimited custom machine learning models for free, and no-code machine learning tools like Object Detection and Sentiment analysis are also unlimited and free. 


  • Desktop Automation      
  • Unlimited automation and local executions      
  • Webhoot triggers (build your own unlimited Zapier)      
  • Turn any website into an API      
  • Automate any website using JavaScript      
  • Generate scripts using natural language with AI


  • Google Docs      
  • Google Sheets      
  • Integrately      
  • Riku      
  • Stripe 

Deals from Appsumo:

  • Lifetime access to Cheat Layer      
  • All future Workflow Automation Plan updates      
  • You must redeem your codes within 60 days of purchase      
  • Stack unlimited codes      
  • GDPR compliant      
  • Previous AppSumo Customers will be grandfathered into the feature limits      
  • Previous AppSumo Customers who purchased Cheat Layer can buy more code to increase their feature limits      
  • Each additional code stacked (10+) unlocks 500 machine learning credits and 2,500 cloud tasks per code. Max of 50 team seats      
  • White labeling unlocks on code 10 

Pricing Plans:

Pricing Plans applicable for 1 team seat, 3 team seats, 10 team seats starting from $99 to $297 (all one-time purchase only with 60-day money-back guarantee).

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