VR Sync

VR Sync is software for viewing 360-degree video content for multiple users at the same time. The VR Sync dashboard allows you to upload and wirelessly send content to all your devices. Plus, VR Sync gives you full control of your VR experience with a dashboard running on your PC, laptop and tablet.  VR Sync Allow multiple devices to play the same content at the same time. VR Sync works with most current standalone VR headsets and some PC VR headsets including Pico Headset Neo 3 Pro Eye, Pico  G2 4K, Pico G2 4K Enterprise, HTC Vive Focus and Oculus.

Why Us?

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  • Ready to use custom event software.

Easy 360º playback for unlimited VR devices.


VR. Sync -- VR Sync is web-based software that allows you to upload  and tag your VR photos and videos. The service takes the hassle out of media processing and gives you the tools to add branding for your business. VR Sync isn't editing software per se, but  you can put your media online to stream to specific devices.

VR. Sync Box -- VR Sync Box is a local network that can be operated anywhere without internet and only with power.

Use Cases:

  • Events -- Used in Events like Maverick VR, Frankenstein, Fivars, Ford, Landal Greenparks and Nikon
  • Presentations -- Used in Presentations for organizations like Woolrich, KPN, and United Nations
  • Education -- Used in Educative programs for organizations like Critical Mass, VR Training, Salesforce, TeachVR
  • On Location VR -- Used in organizations like Proto Factory, Theatrix, The Ride NYC to create VR experiences


  • 360 Video
  • 360 Photos
  • Single device playback
  • Smart Seeking
  • Callibrate viewpoint
  • Playback monitoring
  • Battery Status
  • Video playlist
  • Looping
  • Subtitles
  • Welcome Room branding
  • Send message
  • Windows client
  • Spatial audio
  • Analytics
  • Organization manager
  • SD Card preloading

Easy 360º playback for unlimited VR devices.


VR Sync

1 Week -- €5 per headset

1 Month -- €20 per headset

1 Year -- €80 per headset

Custom Enterprise Edition -- Contact sales

VR Sync Box

VR Sync Box 50 -- 50 devices --  €350

VR Sync Box 100-- 100 devices -- €1.050

VR Sync Box 200 -- 200 devices --€1.750

VR Sync Box 300 -- 300 devices --€2.450

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