Vepaar is a leading CRM and social selling platform for WhatsApp.

It allows you to semi-automate your business process and engage with your customers in a much more interactive way with ease. You don't need any technological infrastructure to start your business online on WhatsApp.

Start conversations with a potential customer via WhatsApp, create your own shop, manage your community and much more. Our intermediate platform makes communication very easy for both sellers and buyers.

Vepaar offers you  a wide range of WhatsApp CRM features to help you  take your business to the next level. Whether you're creating customer profiles, sending personalized replies, saving messages, or building your entire online business site, Vepaar has it all.

Use WhatsApp to expand your business. Allow your business to reap the benefits of the most commonly used messaging apps in the world.


  • WhatsApp CRM
  • WhatsApp Store
  • WhatsApp Polls
  • WhatsApp Link Generator
  • WhatsApp Broadcaster



  •                 Sales Funnel
  •                 Tags
  •                 Build Customer Profile
  •                 Ticket Management
  •                 Bulk Import/Export
  •                 Chrome Extension


  •                 Product
  •                 Categories
  •                 Badges
  •                 Charges
  •                 Inventory
  •                 Shipping


  •                 Single or Multiple Votes
  •                 Realtime Result
  •                 Public or Private Results
  •                 Regulate Poll Status
  •                 Multi-Lingual Polls
  •                 Export Results
  •                 Personalized Theme of Poll
  •                 User Feedback
  •                 Market Research
  •                 Engage Your Customer
  •                 Social Media
  •                 Short Survey
  •                 Know Your Audience

Link Generator

WhatsApp Broadcaster




  • Free -- Getting started with Vepaar -- $0
  • Basic -- Perfect for the mobile user -- $50
  • Pro -- Best for a small Busiess -- $150
  • Premium -- For Businesses who needs more -- $300

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