Tykr is the perfect place to start value investing. Tykr offers a stock screening and education platform to guide you through your investing journey. 

The goal is to reduce risk and manage your own investments. 

When someone tells you to buy a stock, we encourage people to ask, "why?" Tykr will help you answer this question.

Each stock in Tykr has a score and summary. The summary can be "For Sale" (possible purchase), "Watch" or "Overpriced" (possible sale). Tykr helps you build your confidence to move forward and positions you as an expert when you share this. Acquaintance with family, friends and other investors.

A stock screener and education platform all-in-one that helps you manage your own investments.

Why Tykr?

  • Easy to use
  • International Stocks
  • Investing Education
  • Smart Calculations


  • Easy to understand rating system
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Risk
  • 30,000+ US and International Stocks
  • Layman's Terms Language
  • Simplified Education
  • Customer Support


  • Risk Management
  • For Investors
  • For Investment Advisors
  • Benchmarking
  • Investor Management
  • For Investors & Traders


Basic - $13/mo

Pro (popular) - $20/mo

Enterprise - Contact us

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