ProRankTracker is a cloud-based rank tracking and reporting system that provides SMBs and large enterprises with a single platform from which to easily and accurately check the rank position of keywords, websites and videos.  Integrating web-based tracking, mobile ranking tracking, and YouTube and Google video tracking, ProRankTracker aims to provide users with a comprehensive SEO ranking solution. 

To help users rank websites, keywords, and videos effectively, ProRankTracker equips users with a sophisticated tracking algorithm, extensive search engine coverage, and daily ranking updates.  ProRankTracker makes it easy to track global and local rank by allowing users to track terms in any language from any country or city.  As a multilingual application, ProRankTracker allows users to conveniently manage data and generate reports in 11 different languages.

ProRankTracker's advanced reporting capabilities allow users to gain actionable insights into tracking data, custom report templates, email reports and shared reports. ProRankTracker is also available as a native mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing users to track rankings and generate reports on the go.

A cloud-based rank tracking and reporting system


ProRankTracker supports integration with Dropbox and G Drive, allowing users to save reports immediately or at a scheduled time.

ProRankTracker is available as a native mobile application on iOS and Android, affording users the flexibility to manage their account on the move.

ProRankTracker’s enterprise subscription grants users API access, enabling enterprise users to integrate ProRankTracker data into their system easily.

ProRankTracker includes advanced reporting capabilities, providing users with the tools to gain actionable insight quickly and accurately.

ProRankTracker offers users a custom-built mobile app called MyRanks, which gives customers instant access to reports and valuable information.


The Power of PRT

  • Highest-Accuracy Algorithm
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Daily Updates, Plus Updates on Demand
  • World-wide Recognition
  • Web-Based Tracking for Ease of Use

Rank Tracking

  • 100% Accuracy
  • We Work for You-Your One-Stop Solution
  • Daily Automatic Updates
  • International Rank Tracking

Local & Mobile Tracking

  • Google Organic SERPs
  • Local Resolution
  • Google My Business Listings

Analysis & Research

  • Comprehensive Reporting Center
  • Keyword Suggestions Tool
  • Ranking Discovery Tool
  • Full SERPs (Top-100)
  • Keyword Search Volume

Full SERPs

  • Sophisticated, Yet Easy-to-View and Analyze Full SERPs Competition Tool
  • Powerful Historical Rankings Chart


  • A variety of Powerful Reports
  • Notifications
  • White-label
  • Choose Your File Format
  • Drop Box and Drive Integration
  • Share Reports

Mobile Apps

  • PRT Mobile App
  • MyRanks App


  • Multi-user management with flexibility permissions
  • Branding

API Access

  • Connect to PRT

Extreme Support 

  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • 1-on-1 Guidance
  • Knowedgebase & Tutorials
  • Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated CSM


Free -- Try it out first -- $0/mo

Starter -- For those just starting out or need lower tracked terms quotas for personal use -- $13.5/mo

Pro -- For SEO professionals that need more terms quotas and features for their clients -- $89/mo

Agency -- Large-tracked terms quotas, agency-grade features, and extra support from our team -- $180/mo

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