Phototheca (by Lunarship) is all about organizing massive amounts of photos and videos.  The smallest part that Phototheca works with, the atom of the program so to speak, is a single image or video. These atoms, images and videos can be grouped together and arranged in hierarchical structures. Phototheca offers a few ways to compose a group of images; they are all slightly different and all have their own purpose and characteristics.

It is important to note that an image always resides in a container (an event or album). It is not possible to have images without a main group in Phototheca.

The group types available for organizing images are: Event, Album, and Folder.

Photo organizing software for PC


Import with Intelligence

  •      Local Drives
  •      SD Cards
  •      NAS and shares
  •      iPhone and iPad
  •      RAW files
  •      Video files
  •      Auto-update
  •      Track Folders

Share to everywhere

  •      Flickr
  •      Google Photos
  •      SmugMug
  •      Twitter

Photo tagging and metadata. EXIF, IPTC, XMP

  •      Captions and Metadata
  •      Tags and Keywords
  •      Photo Descriptions
  •      Fix time-stamps

Photo browsing and instant search

  •      Search
  •      Thumbnails
  •      Calendar
  •      Timeline

Photo organizing capabilities

  •      Events
  •      Albums
  •      Smart Albums
  •      Live Albums

Viewing capabilities

  •      Thumbnails size
  •      Fullscreen mode
  •      Dual monitors setup
  •      Slideshow

Extra features

  •      Duplicates removal
  •      Safe-boxes
  •      Export photos
  •      Email photos


  • Pro -- $49.95 one time payment
  • Premium -- $64.95 one time payment
  • Phototheca X -- $55/year

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