Landingi is an everyday marketing platform to run landing page marketing campaigns independently. The platform offers multiple solutions to help clients in every step of creating marketing campaigns using landing pages, from design to campaign launch, integration, optimization and conversion.

The Landingi platform features an amazing and intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to  design beautiful landing pages, mobile pages, and sales funnels with ease.  With over 400 ready-to-use templates tailored for various industries to  serve your marketing campaign goals, the  process of creating a high-converting landing page becomes easy and time-saving.

Landingi offers 40+ integrations to automate customer workflow, increase marketing effectiveness and ultimately achieve goals faster.

A simple drag-and-drop page builder lets you quickly create, launch, and optimize unlimited campaigns – so you can turn more traffic into revenue.


  • Landing Page Builder
  • Landing Page Examples
  • Landing Page Templates
  • WordPress Landing Pages
  • Pop Up Builder

Why Landingi?

  • *Competitive Price
  • *Modern Design
  • *200+ templates
  • *Third-party Tool Integration



  •      Landing Page Builder
  •      Drag & Drop Editor
  •      Templates
  •      Smart Sections
  •      Design
  •      Custom HTML/CSS
  •      Duplication
  •      Free Images & Icons
  •      Pop Up Builder


  •      Test Domain
  •      Publish On Your Domain
  •      Embed On Your Server
  •      WordPress Plugin
  •      Scheduler


  •      Email Marketing
  •      CRM/Sales
  •      Social Media
  •      Payment Gateways
  •      Callback/Chat
  •      Webhooks
  •      Tracking
  •      Zapier
  •      Analytics Integrations


  •      Basic Analytics
  •      Dynamic Content
  •      A/B/x Split Testing
  •      PageInsider


  •      Funnels
  •      Autoresponder
  •      Anti-spam Security
  •      Thank You Page
  •      Lead Inbox
  •      Lead Export


  •      Subaccounts
  •      Customer Access
  •      Team Roles/Permissions
  •      Unbranded Platform
  •      Audit Logs


  •      Payment Button
  •      Shopify Integration
  •      Order Management


Core -- For those who start their journey with landing pages and need an easy-to-use and intuitive editor -- $29/mo

Create -- For business owners and smaller companies to build high-converting campaigns that increase sales -- $65/mo

Automate -- For marketing pros to automate processes and boost conversions at all levels of the customer journey -- $89/mo

Agency -- For agencies, integrators, and resellers to launch offers and scale customer service -- $109/mo

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