FreeAgent is a complete CRM platform and a solid work management system.  FreeAgent helps teams bring everything together in one place, work more collaboratively to get more done, and monitor and improve performance.

Whether it's a business, project,  support ticket, or more, FreeAgent helps keep your team running. FreeAgent automatically records and organizes your team's emails, calls, and meetings so you can remove boring tasks from your to-do list.

FreeAgent is a complete CRM platform and a solid work management system

Designed for In the new world of work, remote teams thrive with full visibility into day-to-day activities, real-time collaboration, and powerful no-code customization. By eliminating time spent searching for information and reducing manual data entry, FreeAgent empowers executives to optimize sales, marketing, customer success, project management, and more.

With FreeAgent, every employee can have impactful days.

Why FreeAgent?

  • First in usability
  • Record-Setting Innovation
  • Empowering Self-Service
  • Effective Reporting
  • Dynamic Automation
  • Open Platform
  • More than Sales


  • Grow Your Revenue: Scale with confidence.
  • Improve Your Sales Efficiency: Win every quarter
  • Make Your Number: Win every quarter
  • Support Your Customers: Become a beloved brand
  • Unlock Productivity: Workdays full of impact
  • Full-Funnel Visibility: See everything


  • Work Management -- Streamline any process, reduce administrative work and enjoy efficient working days
  • Task and Activity Management -- Create, assign, prioritize, complete and track activities of any type within the organization
  • Customization -- Customize every aspect of the system so that it perfectly fits your business
  • Personalization -- Each member of your team can optimize the system for its optimal performance
  • Process management -- Standardize, enforce and optimize the way work is done
  • Automation -- Increase your efficiency and increase your impact by eliminating the repetitive work of metrics across the organization
  • Reporting -- Track and monitor key metrics across the organization
  • Security -- Define teams, roles and access controls to do


  • Zapier
  • Office 365
  • Gmail
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoom


  • Contact Management -- $35 per user/per month
  • B2B Sales -- $75 per user/per month
  • B2B Full Funnel Sales -- $100 per user/per month

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