Deel is a leading global payroll and compliance  solution that empowers businesses to hire anyone, anywhere. Deel technology provides unmatched payroll, human resources, compliance, perks, benefits and other skills needed to recruit and manage a global team.

Deel customers can seamlessly hire self-employed contractors and full-time employees in minutes in  more than 150 countries. Partnered with over 250 legal, accounting, mobility and tax experts, Deel enables any business to  send compatible localized contracts from a template library  and pay for devices in over 120 currencies with just one click.


For Finance Teams

  •      Scrap the Spreadsheets and potential payroll errors
  •      Put your invoice admin on autopilot
  •      Pay less fees with better payment options
  •      Give your team payment options without the hassle
  •      File U.S. tax documents in a snap

For Legal Teams

  •      Leave the local entities to us
  •      Stay compliant with GDPR and privacy laws
  •      Keep a neat paper trail
  •      Provide necessary equipment

For Hiring Managers

  •      Hit talent targets fast with endless global options
  •      Retain team members no matter where they move

A leading global payroll and compliance  solution

For Startups

     Get compliance right

     Onboard team members in 5 minutes

     Pay your whole team in minutes, not days

  •           Automate contractor invoices
  •           Pay everyone with one bulk payment
  •           Give your contractor 15 options to get paid
  •           We handle employee taxes, social contributions, and more
  •           Manage expenses, bonuses, allowances and more

     Boost your employer brand

     One platform to manage everything

For Enterprise

  •      Enter new markets without opening an entity
  •      Support for all of your hiring needs
  •      Fast-track any mergers and acquisitions
  •      Top-notch enterprise-grade data protection
  •      Access a dedicated support manager



  •      Hire Contractors-- in 150+ Countries -- $49/mo
  •      Add Deel Premium -- get legal costs coverage for each contractor -- $99/mo
  •      Add Deel Shield --Deel hires contractors on your behalf -- Get a quote


  •      Hire Employees -- in countries you don't own entities -- from $599/mo
  •      Run Global Payroll -- in countries where you own entities -- contact us

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