Castanet - Create LinkedIn Outreach Sequences based on Sales Navigator Searches, Target Profiles that interact with (Like, Comment, Share) any LinkedIn post, Create Messaging Campaigns for your Followers, and Efficiently build a LinkedIn Network for ANY Sales Vertical.

Traditional LinkedIn outreach is slow and time-intensive. CASTANET's sophisticated toolkit unlocks new revenue streams for agencies, and takes businesses to the next level.

Castanet cultivates leads in the background, leaving you free to close deals.

  • Identify Your Ideal Lead
  • Craft Your Message
  • Watch Your Pipeline Fill

Proven technology to connect, engage and cold email with NEW LinkedIn prospects every day!

How It Works?

  • Create lists from sales navigator searches
  • Create lists from post interaction
  • Create action sequences
  • Get priceless insights


  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Each profile gets its own IP address to safely connect you to LinkedIn.
  • Randomized Delays between actions
  • Our virtual assistants perform LinkedIn actions following normal user patterns.
  • Cloud-based
  • You don’t even have to be logged in — we run 24/7 in the cloud at your convenience
  • Intelligent Limits
  • We allow you to customize the number of messages, invites, views, follows and more per day. We even let you remove pending invites automatically.
  • Deep Segmentation
  • Create lists of people who interacted with any LinkedIn post


Pricing Plans:

Accelerate your growth with targeted, personalized, and authentic outreach campaigns.

  • Solo -- For 1 LinkedIn profile - $199/month.
  • Small Team/ Agency --3 LinkedIn profiles included - $499/month.
  • Large Team -- 10 LinkedIn profiles included - $1299/month.
  • Done-For-You -- Gold-standard CASTANET experience, done for you A-to-Z by one of our marketing experts --$1499/month.

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