Arya Pulse

Leoforce is the company behind Arya, a suite of recruiting, sourcing and candidate engagement tools that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics to deliver superior results for corporate recruiters, recruitment agencies, RPOs and hiring managers. Leoforce, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, is a privately held company founded in 2013.

Arya automates and speeds up many repetitive tasks that impact recruiters' productivity, allowing them to focus on building quality relationships with ideal candidates. From a unified, easy-to-manage interface, Arya uses superior AI algorithms to deliver better, more diverse candidates from multiple sources in a single, stacked, manageable list. Arya's exclusive talent pool is backed by more than 750 million job profiles from around the world.

Arya is available in a variety of service levels and pricing plans to meet customer needs. It can be integrated into the current applicant tracking system  or implemented as a stand-alone procurement solution (Arya Fusion). Low volume tenants can even use Arya on demand and pay a small commission per job (Arya Pulse).

Why Arya?

  • Easy-to-use interactive job assistant to help you create a job      description
  • A single platform for finding top talent across multiple job boards
  • Affordable per position, starting at just $199 per position
  • List assisted and verified by people of candidates ready for the  interview     
  • No supply limit until you are satisfied with our shortlist of  candidates.
  • 24/7 personal assistance from recruitment professionals.

How Arya Works?    

  • Enter Job Info
  • See sample candidates     
  • Choose plan
  • Get qualified candidates


Basic -- upto 100 qualified candidates -- $199/job

Full service -- Engaged, interview-ready candidates -- $599/job

Multiple-job plans -- Plans to save more time and money -- Discounted Pricing

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