Solar Insect Trap

Solar Insect Trap

Solar insect trap, an eco-friendly pest control device.  The device are easy to install with low cost installation and are maintenance free.  The device can be used in agricultural and horticultural areas and are energy conserving.

Image describing solar insect trap device

Technical Specification:

S.NoDescriptionTechnical Details

Solar insect killer Microcontroller based

with Frequency

UV LED 380nm
2LED watts
2Watts (30 LEDs)
3Solar panel

10 Watts 6V volts

polycrystalline Aluminum

shielded with tuff glass


6.4volts /6Ah lithium ferro

phosphate battery 2 years

warranty (System guarantee

for 1 year )

5Coverage open area

4000 Square Meters( around 1

acre area

Yes, No Pesticides required
7Kinds of pests /Insects Trapped

1000 kinds of insects will be



To kill Agricultural pests and


9LED Attraction Ultraviolet light
380 to 390 nm
10Light illumination

Microcontroller based


11No of Hours working

4 hours after Dusk( 6 P.M to 10

P.M auto on /OFF


Automatically turn on the light Evening, and

turn off at late Night

Battery Backup 2 nights
13Operating Voltage
6V DC Solar PV Cell : 10W6V
14IP65/IP67 Weather Proof

Yes .water and rain water



Fully automatic no man power

required to operate

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