Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Types of Cards:

Coral, Rubyx, Sapphiro, Emeralde, Platinum, MakeMyTrip, ICICI Bank Credit Cards, Intermiles ICICI Bank Credit Cards, HPCL Credit Cards.

  • Now share the features of your ICICI Bank Credit Card with your family at no additional fee
  • With the Supplementary Card feature on ICICI Bank Credit Cards, you can share almost all the benefits of your Primary Card with your loved ones without a separate joining fee or annual fees*.
  • Your parents, child and your wife can avail a Supplementary Card, they are extremely handy for household expenses and shopping. You can apply for up to three Supplementary Cards against one Primary ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Benefits of Supplementary Cards:

  • Zero fees
  • Shared credit limit
  • As good as the Primary Card


  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Travel Benefits
  • Rewards and Service
  • Safety and Security.

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