We offer a unique 3-in-1 account which integrates customer's saving, trading, and demat accounts.  Click here to open an instant demat account.

We offer One-Stop solution for all your financial needs. You will have freedom to trade while travelling or at work.  Innovative products & Flexible pricing to achieve your short term & long term goals.



Cash:  Ideal for beginners and for investors who are looking for medium and long term capital appreciation/wealth creation from the equity market.

Margins: Developed for traders who need leverage and trade intra-day and are willing and able to bear the associated risk. Exposure up to 5 times of the allocated amount.

Trade Racer: Trade Racer is a power packed online Trading platform which provides you with Live streaming quotes 6 Research Calls, integrated fund transfer system along with multiple watch list facility. You can also do technical analysis with the help of advanced charting tools.


Future: Buy/sell positions in index or stock(s) contracts expiring in different months.

Future Plus: Gives you the benefit to take buy/sell positions in future contracts with the intention of squaring off the position on the very same day before market hours close.

Options: Options is trading on Index or Stocks contracts expiring in different months with various strike prices. Suitable for investors who prefer to cash-in on the trends in market, for the purpose of high returns.

Currency Derivatives: Currency futures allows a customer to invest , trade and hedge in currency futures contracts traded on NSE.

Shares as Margin: Shares as margin is a service attached to Futures and Options. Under this service you are allowed to pledge your securities in favour of for limits against these securities.


Mutual Funds:  For investors who want to participate indirectly in stock market. More than 2000 mutual fund schemes available from major AMCs. Invest across equity, income, liquid, FMP and other mutual funds.

Fixed Deposits:  Invest your money at a Fixed Interest rate for a fixed   period.

Bonds and Fixed Income Securities: Invest in Low risk instruments such as Company Bonds, Government Schemes, etc.

IPOs and FPOs: An Initial Public Offering (IPO) could be applied online through On allotment, shares would be directly credited to demat account. Completely hassle free transaction!

SIP: Create Systematic Investment Plan in stock for fixed amount or quantity to achieve investment goals.

Wealth Products: Comprehensive Investment Solution including non- traditional Products such as Private Equity, Structured Products, PMS etc.


  • No hidden cost/charges.        
  • No channel partner default risk.

  • Direct client of ICICI Securites

  • Shares & Cash in your DP/bank account and not in pool account

  • Receive contract notes and other statements sent to you through registered e-mail id.

  • View contract notes anytime through your account.


Click here to open an instant demat account.